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Healing & Protection 

WINTER SOLSTICE 2021   24-Hr Chanting

21.12. 7:00am – 22.12. 7:00am
22.12. 7:00 Closing Gurduara Ceremony 

Feeling excited, grateful and honored to chant & meditate with YogiNIs across the globe on this auspicious day. There is a set schedule of Kirtanis who are going to cover the whole 24hrs of the day and night, taking turns in chanting the Shabd (spiritual song) Rakhe Rakhanhar, each in their own way, creating a continuous sound current. A healing vibration of divine protection across the globe and into the Universe. 

Rakhe Rakhanhar is a mantra for protection from negative forces, and it is chanted during the Aquarian Sadhana and in many Kundalini Yoga meditations.  This shabad is composed by Guru Arjan, the fifth Guru of the Sikhs, and it is a part of the evening prayer called Rehiras. This shabad protects you from all negative forces, especially those which “move against one’s walk on the path of destiny, both inner and outer.”  It is a powerful vibration that cuts through opposing vibrations, words, thoughts and deeds.

We would like to thank everyone for their participation in deep meditation. Especially would we like to thank everyone offering their love & commitment, their talent and their Kirtan as their seva for this event. It can only become a transformative experience for every single one of us and for our planet as a whole, because we know that we`re all in this together.

The Online Meeting (Zoom) we set up can hold up to 500 YogiNIs meditating together. It is very easy to participate. Just click on the button at the bottom of the page and join us chanting and meditating. There is no need to install an app. The link will simply open in your browser as long as you`re connected to the internet. You will be muted but you are welcome to turn your video on while you`re meditating and chanting to inspire others to create and hold that powerful space of global meditation and be inspired yourself to connect to that space of healing projection.

In addition to the rather intimate meditative meeting space on Zoom we`ll be live streaming the event on YouTube, Instagram & Facebook. Details coming soon.

The Slot list is full now. However, if you are a sacred chant artist or you know anyone who is and might want to participate as a musician, there will always be a few 30min-slots that will turn out to be available again. Thus we would be glad to have some people serve as back up chant artists who can jump in on demand in case any of the musicians cannot show up for their slot. If  you would like to offer this seva, please write us at:

Line Up Winter Solstice

…as of now (Dec. 21, 5am CET). Possibly some slots will turn out to be available again. If you`re interested in playing please contact us.

The event is organised and hosted by Guru Ram Das Aquarian Academy.
We are a charitable association currently administered by 3HO Germany.

The Sacred Chant event is donation-based and we are very happy to receive your donation (paypal, debit or credit card). If you use paypal ( choose „payment to friends/family“. Naturally your donations are tax deductible and we will gladly provide a donation receipt.

With Divine Blessings & Gratitude,


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