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Mata Mandir Singh is the musical director of Guru Ram Das Kirtan Academy. He teaches in-depth music lessons via Zoom and is now teaching in-person also through the auspices of the Guru Ram Das Academy.

Mata Mandir Singh is creative and masterful in tailoring the below techniques and skills to each student as per their interest and skill level from beginners to advanced players. He has studied and practiced the Indian music system for more than thirty years. He teaches Rag and Taal (melody and rhythm) and teaches tabla, harmonium, Rabab and Indian vocal practice. He also teaches how to accompany kirtan using various non-traditional stringed instruments such as mandolin and Cittern. Although the system is classically based we practice and play shabds and mantra more in the folk and semi classical range rather than strictly classical practice.

Guitar and Kirtan

All manner of guitar techniques including chord structures, both conventional and unconventional, strumming and fingerpicking techniques, alternate guitar tunings, scales and basic music theory regarding melody and rhythm. These will draw upon both Indian and Western musical traditions. The classes begin with learning basic chants and compositions from Mata Mandir Singh’s extensive catalog of recorded music.


Combined with the above will be basic vocal training to find one’s authentic voice, to practice staying on pitch and develop the ability to sing with power and relaxation at the same time.


The art of composing chants, shabds and songs is introduced early on to encourage each student`s own ability to create melodies and chord structures that enhance their creative and meditative abilities. 

Your Investment:

Classes & Kirtan Academy Training Program Online, in part live onsite on request)
Single Tuition Instrumental-/Vocal Lesson
– 54€
4in1-Ticket (valid for 3 months)
– 180€
6-Months-Ticket (single tuition 30min./week, 26x, plus a weekly group class on Tuesdays, 5 p.m. CET)
– 108€/month (648€ total)
6-Months-Ticket (single tuition 1hr/week, 26x, plus a weekly group class on Tuesdays, 5 p.m. CET)
– 160€/month (960€ total)
Group Class on Tuesdays 5-6pm (if not included in your lesson plan)
– 15€/Single
-120€/ 10x

Onsite offer – Daily Program in Boizenburg, Northern Germany

5:00 Sadhana
9:00 Breakfast
10:00 Rhythm of Gatka Class

10:30-13:30 1-on-1 Music Class &/or Group Practice
13:30 Lunch
14.30-16:00 Group or Individual Class & Personal Practice
17:00 Riaz Group Music Practice
18:00 Dinner

19:00-19:30 Evening Kirtan

Full Day program at the Academy
 108€ (plus 73€-83€ ashram fee for Stay in Nivaas & Full Board/Day)

All requests for individually timed On-Site-Kirtan-Academy-Stays:
In addition to your course registration above, please always send us an email with preferred dates and duration of your stay, to be confirmed. Mata Mandir will be back at the Academy for the summer from mid-May. 

Kirtan Intensive Retreats at GRD Kirtan Academy for current & (potential) future Kirtan Academy Students, all Levels

Upcoming dates: May 17 – 19, 2024  Onsite at Guru Ram Das Aquarian Academy 

– 190€ (plus Ashram-Donation 138€-158€/ Nivaas Stay & Full Board for 2 full days)

The Kirtan Academy Intensive Retreats are running 4 times in a year. We recommend all students to participate in at least 2-3 of them to benefit of the live experience of Kirtan with other students and practitioners. The retreats are also a good way of getting to know Mata Mandir Singh & the Kirtan Academy as a potential place of future learning & studying.
Mata Mandir Singh
Mata Mandir Singh
Mata Mandir Singh has been teaching Kundalini Yoga & Martial Arts (Gatka) internationally for decades and has dedicated his life to the practice and teaching of Naad Yoga, the yoga of sound. Mata Mandir Singh has practiced and taught Kundalini Yoga, Naad Yoga, Music and Gatka for decades. He has been a legendary Kirtan artist in 3HO since the early years, promoting a unique multicultural fusion style of composing, singing and playing. He is a refined and skillful musician (Singing, Guitar, Rabab, Harmonium,Tabla, Mandolin and Cittern) and an inspiring teacher. Mata Mandir is a pioneer of the chant and mantra genre worldwide, having recorded around 30 Albums since the 1970’s. He is currently living in Montana and has started offering music classes and Naad Yoga workshops through Guru Ram Das Aquarian Academy. He is Musical Director of the Kirtan Academy program at Guru Ram Das Aquarian Academy.
Mata Mandir is also the author of the forthcoming book „Naad Yoga: The Yoga of Sound“ and a featured artist on Invincible Music.

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