Ajai Alai Winter Solstice Online Chanting


We all know about the healing capacities of music. Its effects are even stronger when combined with Mantras that have been sung and chanted by Yogis and Saints over many centuries. We`ll be able to experience this the actual moment we are open to allow the experience. This Mantra, Ajai Alai, has been received, [...]

Ajai Alai Winter Solstice Online Chanting2022-12-21T11:27:13+01:00

Yogic Cooking For Health & Happiness


mit Mata Mandir Singh Saturday   10:00 Arrival Meditation 10:30 Quick meals with local and in-season ingredients: Lunch Preparation: Apple-Beet Salad & Carrot beet sauté-Mille 13:00 Lunch & Lunch Break 15:00 Charn Jap - Meditative & Creative walking and group stroll to the Elbe 16:00  The Art of Masala Masala refers to a mixture of [...]

Yogic Cooking For Health & Happiness2022-11-16T12:24:52+01:00

Guru Ram Das Fest


Kundalini Yoga, Healing, Mantra & Naad Yoga mit Mata Mandir Singh, Sat Hari Singh, Uli Wippler, Gurudev Kaur und anderen, angefragt: Sat Dharm Singh, DJ Roopa Sa., 8.10.22 14:30 Kundalini Yoga & Osteopathie Workshop mit Uli Wippler 16:00 Yoga of Sound Healing Workshop with Mata Mandir Singh 17:30 Yogic Vegetable Soup für Alle, anschließend [...]

Guru Ram Das Fest2022-09-19T13:15:17+02:00
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