X-Mas Retreat mit Holy Night Gong Puja


Aquarian Sadhana, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Sacred Sound & Kirtan Retreat mit Mata Mandir Singh, Sat Hari Singh, Gurudev Kaur,.. Gong Puja in der Hl. Nacht mit Sat Ram Kaur aus Dänemark. Am 21.12.2023: Einführung in das Gongspielen Teil 1 und die Praxis der Gong Puja mit Sat Ram Kaur. Am 22.12.2023: Aquarian Sadhana mit [...]

X-Mas Retreat mit Holy Night Gong Puja2023-01-12T12:41:13+01:00

Yogic Cooking For Health & Happiness


mit Mata Mandir Singh Saturday   10:00 Arrival Meditation 10:30 Quick meals with local and in-season ingredients: Lunch Preparation: Apple-Beet Salad & Carrot beet sauté-Mille 13:00 Lunch & Lunch Break 15:00 Charn Jap - Meditative & Creative walking and group stroll to the Elbe 16:00  The Art of Masala Masala refers to a mixture of [...]

Yogic Cooking For Health & Happiness2022-11-16T12:24:52+01:00

Stability & Joy in Times of Chaos


Kundalini Yoga Workshop mit Tarn Taran Singh  Dharti Hai – Akaash Hai –  Guru Ram Das Hai The earth rises up. The heavens descend. To meet in my heart  and shine Light & Love into the world. These are turbulent times. As the old breaks down to make way for the new age.  We [...]

Stability & Joy in Times of Chaos2022-04-26T12:22:23+02:00
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